Maryam from Iran - 5757 Yas


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Maryam is a talented and smart student. She has two brothers and three sisters who are also talented students. One of her sisters is studying Biology at Payam Nour University. Her younger sister is hyper-active and is under treatment. Maryam’s father passed away 5 years ago, due to a heart attack. He was a worker with no insurance, so his family do not receive any support after his death. One of Maryam’s brothers passed away due to chicken pox. Maryam’s family are receiving little financial support from a charity each month. They also get some support from another charity every two months. They do not own a house and they are renting the place they live in now. Maryam’s mother works as a cleaning lady to earn the study and life expenses of her children. Unfortunately, she is suffering from a neck and waist disc and she is not able to afford heavy workloads but she needs to work to support her family. Maryam’s family are under pressure of living costs and they need help and support.