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Maryam is a thirteen years old student from Ahvaz, Khuzestan, Iran. She is a talented 6th grader with a very good GPA. Her only sister is a student too. Her father is diagnosed with Wilson’s disease who has an immediate need for a liver transplant. He also suffers from a cerebrovascular stroke. Due to the severe paucity of their income, he cannot afford the recommended transplant surgery. His treating doctor tried to help him with highly cost medication, but due to severe side effects, he stopped his medication and enrolled him on a liver transplant waiting list. Maryam’s household subsists on a small monthly installment from a charity organization, and her mother’s earnings from sporadic housekeeping and bread baking. Maryam’s mother also suffers from cervical and lower back disc herniation. The family lives in a rented location, and has difficulty to even pay the rent. Maryam needs your generosity and support to be able to continue her education.