In Memory of Saba Majidi Zahed




 In Memory of

Saba Majidi Zahed




It is with our great sorrow to announce that Saba Majidi Zahed has passed away on October 3, 2014.

Saba was born on July 28, 1994 in Mashhad, Iran. She attended Bent-ol Hoda Elementary School in Gisha in Tehran, Shahid Sadooghi Middle School on fifth street of Velenjak, and Safai Esfehani High School in Mahmoudieh, where she studied biology. She was a top student, in addition to being active in sports. She especially liked basketball.

Saba was bursting with love. As a kid, she loved to play with dolls. She loved food, whether she was eating or cooking, and she loved to experiment and express her creativity with food. She loved her mom a lot and was very attached to her. She was afraid of the dark and always wanted to be with her. When Saba's mom would tell a spooky story, Saba's eyes would tear up; her family always thought it was cute. She loved her friends, who became like family to her. She loved to travel everywhere - desert, sea, jungle. She loved animals, especially her dog.  She loved photography, and wanted to get into the fashion industry.

Saba was a people person. She was very generous, especially to her friends. Some of her favorite times were spent with her friends, hiking, camping in the desert, and simply being around them. Saba's smile and energy brightened even the gloomiest day.

She had many dreams, huge dreams. Unfortunately, she passed away along with her friend Arian on October 3, 2014 in a car accident. Saba is greatly missed by her mother, two brothers, and stepfather in Tehran, uncle, aunt, and grandparents in the US, and more friends than she could have ever imagined.


Those who wish to can kindly consider donating to Child Foundation where a special memorial fund has been set up in memory of Saba. On the donation page, please select the "In Memory Of" category and then type in Saba Majidi Zahed.