Milad from Iran - 5438 Banafsheh


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Milad is a talented 11-year old from the city of Ahvaz. He is a great student who likes playing soccer and making arts and crafts in his free time. Milad parents got divorced 4 years ago and his mother got the custody of Milad and her other son. Milad’s father remarried and has never asked to see his children after the divorce. Milad’s mother has thalassemia and cannot work. Her treatment expenses are another issue for this family who has no income. They live in a room at Milad’s uncle’s house. The uncle is a laborer in a bad health condition and has a family of 5 to support, yet, he helps Milad’s mother financially whenever he can. Milad’s family is not sponsored by any organization. Milad and his brother need your generous help to continue their studies and to build a better future for themselves.