Milad from Iran - 5437 Banafsheh


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Milad is a 14-year old boy from the city of Ahvaz. He is a great student who loves sports and has a green belt in taekwondo. Milad’s mother got divorced when Milad was only 2-years old due to the addiction of her husband. She had to waive her dowry and her other financial rights in return to get the custody of her children. Milad’s father has not even once wanted to see his children after the divorce.  Milad has crossed eye and has already gone under surgeries twice. But, he is not fully recovered yet and needs to continue his treatments. His mother is also suffering from discs in her neck and back and doctors have recommended surgery for her, but she can’t afford the treatment expenses. Milad’s family live with in his grandfather’s house with 12 other members of the family. Their only source of income is a small monthly pension from a charity. Milda needs your generous help to continue his studies and his treatments.