Mobaraka from Afghanistan - 263 Rose


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Mobaraka is an 8 year old, cute innocent girl who studies in 2nd grade of elementary school. 7 years ago she sadly lost her dad because of cancer. After father’s death, her life has undergone lots of changes. While she and her other siblings had to deal with pain and sorrow of father’s absence, their mom remarried and abandoned them. Now kids are living with their grandmother. They have to work hours in order to make ends meet and afford most basic essentials of living.

They live with their uncle in a single room of his house. The uncle is a construction worker and has his own family therefore he cannot support his brother’s kids financially. Their grandmother is very old and is unable to work effectively.

Moabaraka has 2 sisters; Shokriya is 14 and 9th grader and Fahima is 6th grader and both need to pay for school. This little girl needs your help and support so she won’t be deprived of education just because she cannot afford the school. This way she would be an independent soul and will feel privileged to be enlightened and not be illiterate. Therefore she could also help other people as well.