Mohammad from Iran - 5042 Banafsheh


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Mohammad is a talented eleven year old boy studying in the sixth grade. He is from Tehran the capital of Tehran province. Mohammad’s mother filed for divorce while she was pregnant for Mohammad because of her father’s addiction and his lack of support for living costs after nine month of living together. Mohammad’s mother raised him as a single mom until he turned seven. Then she remarried. Unfortunately, it turned out her second husband was addicted to drugs too. Not only he wasn’t contributing to the family cost, he used to hit Mohammad or burn cigarette ash on Mohammad or his mom’s body. This stress caused Mohmmad to experience Enuresis. Mohammad’s mom filed for divorce after a year. Hardly She could lease a small apartment in the suburbs and started working at a doctor’s office with her diploma degree with a low salary. She cannot afford Mohammad’s education cost and they desperately need your kind help to afford Mohammad’s education and living costs.