Mohammad from Iran - 5581 Banafsheh


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Mohammad is a kind and polite boy who is in fifth grade at school. His eighty-five-year-old father is disabled and needs careful treatment at home. Mohammad`s mother needs to take care of her husband and hence, does not have the opportunity to find a job or work outside the house. Mohammad has two siblings. Her sister has been married a few years ago and she lives with her own family. His brother has become a certified barber and is currently a trainee in a barber shop. Mohammad also has four step brothers who, unfortunately, are not willing to help their incapacitated father. Mohammed and his family live in a small house in Birjand and their only income is a small amount of support that they receive from a charity. However, the amount does not cover their expenses at all given his father`s status and related needs. Therefore, Mohammad`s family faces several problems in their everyday life and they require urgent support for their livelihood. This also enables Mohammad to continue his education.