Mohammad Amin from Iran - 5489 Banafsheh


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Mohammad Amin is a talented fourth grader, with a very good GPA, who lives in Zabol, Iran. His father passed away due to a heart disease, and since then, his half brother has his custody. The only sources of income for Mohammad Amin, his sister, and their mother are the government cash subsidies and small charity donations, which are not sufficient to cover their living expenses. The personal house they live in has very poor conditions. The walls are made of mud, the yard is not paved, and the rooms have no flooring and are paved with black cement and partially covered with worn rugs and carpets. Also, the washroom is in poor conditions. The family does not have a TV. The fridge is broken and the family cannot afford to repair or replace it. According to his situation, Mohammad Amin needs your support so he can continue with his education.