Mohammad Amin from Iran - 5495 Banafsheh


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Mohammad Amin is an eight years old student from Bushehr Iran.  He is a very calm and talented first grader with high GPA. Unfortunately, his father suffers from mental illness and his mother found out this after getting engaged with him. For this reason, his father cannot get a proper job.  He is a seasonal harvest worker on crop fields which is not nearly enough for their family’s expenses.  His mother has kidney disease and cannot work outside home.  His family is also receiving some assistance from a charity organization.  His aunt tried to help his family and bought them a land on which she built a house with a bank mortgage. Unfortunately, they later found out that the land she purchased was from a crook, and the law enforcement issued a verdict to evacuate their house.  At the present time, their house situation is uncertain, and their income is not even enough to fulfill their very basic needs.  Mohammad Amin needs your generosity and support to be able to continue his education.