Mohammad Amin from Iran - 5559 Banafsheh


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Mohammad Amin is a 13-year old talented seven grader from Ilam, Iran, with a GPA above 19 out of 20. His father cannot work due to a heart surgery and spinal disk problems. He has one child, from his previous wife, who lives separately in Tehran. Mohammad Amin is from the current wife. The family’s eldest son committed suicide due to mental health problems. As a result of this tragedy and also the death of her father and brothers, Mohammad Amin’s mother is in a bad mental condition and suffers from heart issues too. Unfortunately, the family’s only daughter is deaf and cannot speak either. They live in a personal house located in a suburban area of the city. The house is very small, without sufficient light and ventilation. The family has received several loans for repairing the house and covering the medical costs of the father. The load installments have put additional burden on the family. Currently, the family’s only sources of income are the government cash subsidies and some charity donations. According to these conditions, Mohammad Amin needs financial support to continue his education.