Mohammad Hasan from Afghanistan - 236 Carnation


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Mohammad hasan is a 7-year-old student from Mazaresharif, Balkh, in 1st grade. He is a very kind and talented student with high marks. He loves biking, but they cannot afford buying a bicycle. His father was a farmer. He had high blood pressure and due to hardship, all his muscles were disabled and although they spent too much money for treatment, unfortunately, he died 2 years ago and they moved from their village to the city.

Mohamamd hassan lives with his mother and four siblings. His mother suffers from terrible backache and knee pain. His older brother got married and lives independently. His older sister has had kidney problem since last year but they cannot afford visiting a doctor.

His other sister married two years ago to a miner. The mine collapsed and he and his coworkers all died. Now his sister and her small baby live with them.

Mohammad has a 9 years old brother who studies in elementary school. Mohammad’s brother has been suffering from a pain in his hands, since four years ago, but they haven’t visited doctor due to financial problems. In addition to this pain, he also has dyspneaand has constant coughing and breathing problem after any physical activity. This family does not have any source of income other than a very small help from donation institutions. They live in a place in a camp specific for orphans and poor families. They do not have access to electricity and the drinking water is very expensive. Mohammad hassan needs your generosity and support to be able to continue his education.