Mohammad Mehdi from Iran - 4605 Banafsheh


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Mohammad Mehdi is a talented twelve-year-old boy in the sixth grade from the city of Bam, Kerman province of Iran. He lost his father when he was a little kid. His father suffered from liver cancer and his mother put lots of effort and loaned money from family and friends to help her husband survive, but unfortunately he died after five years of painful struggling. After the passing of the father, his mother had to support her two children without any income or a place to live.  A charity organization helped them and provided them with a place to live. Mohammad Mehdi’s mother suffers from an anxiety disorder after her husband passed away due to the hardship that she has gone through. She tries hard to control her issues and put less pressure on her kids. Despite her disorder, she works sporadically in a packaging workshop and sometimes at people’s houses to provide for her family. Considering their very hard living condition, Mohammad Mehdi is in desperate need of your help to be able to continue his studies.