Mohammad Mehdi from Iran - 5555 Banafsheh


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Mohammad-Mahdi is a talented student. His parents have unfortunately divorced due to his father's addiction, and now the mother is in charge of the family. It should additionally be noted that Mohammad-Mahdi had a nine-year-old sister who tragically passed away because of cancer. Now the mother is also undergoing chemotherapy over her own cancer, having lost all her hair as a result. The only income of the family is the limited pension they get through their grandfather as well as a monthly allowance from charity. But a piece of good news is that the mother is on the grandfather's insurance, and Mohammad-Mahdi has the Salāmat Insurance. They live in a rented house, and all in all they struggle to make ends meet, especially since the mother, who used to care for the elderly and the disabled, is now unable to work. Mohammad-Mahdi really needs help in order to be able to continue his studies.