Mohammad Mehdi from Iran - 5669 Zabol Banafsheh


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5669 Zabol

My Story:

Mohammad Mehdi is an intelligent student. His parents got divorced because of his dad’s severe addiction. His mother has waived all her legal rights including her dowry and alimony to keep the custody of Mohammad Mehdi, one of the two sons of the family. Mohammad Mehdi’s mother has knee arthritis and back lumbar degenerative disk disease. She is under physician supervision but despite her illness, she works as a helper in a pharmacy. Mother’s salary plus government subsidy hardly covers their living cost, Mohammad Mehdi’s education, and mother’s medical expenses. In their home, they have a very old and worn-out oven. The A/C system is still broken after being fixed twice and they need a new A/C system. Considering the condition of Mohammad Mehdi’s family, he needs support to be able to continue his education.