Mohammad Taghi from Iran - 5399 Banafsheh


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Mohammad Taghi is a talented 5th grader and an Orphan boy. His is from the city of Bam in Kerman province. His mother had married to her cousin at a very young age due to family force. She later realized that her husband was involved in drug smuggling activities. When Mohammad Taghi was born, his father was arrested, imprisoned and later executed. Mohammad Taghi’s mother reinitiates to peruse her education and is currently studying hard to receive her bachelor’s in computer engineering. They do not have a living place of their own and live in her father’s place in poor conditions. They do not receive any support from here deceased husband’s family. The family’s only income is from minor help of a local charity and governmental pension. His mother gets help father and brother from time to time to pay for her tuition and daily expenses. Considering the family’s financial conditions, Mohammad Taghi seeks our assistance to peruse his studies accordingly.