Mohammadreza from Iran - 5528 Banafsheh


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Mohammadreza is a brilliant eight-grader who studies in a school under the National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents, which is a nationwide franchise of highly-selective public schools admitting only exceptionally-talented students. The tuition costs are heavy for the family and they rely on charity donations for two thirds of it. His father cannot walk due to birth paralysis, and a few years ago his vision was severely impaired due to drug allergies. So the father is unable to work and the financial weight of the family is on the shoulders of the mother, who works in a factory with a monthly income which is less than half of the official minimum wage. Mohammadreza has a brother, Mohammad-Taha, who is below school age. The family lives in a room in the paternal grandparents’ house. The grandfather has severe Alzheimer’s disease, and needs constant care. The family’s income consists of charity donations and the mother’s earning, and the federal monthly subsidies. They need support for subsistence and for continuing MohammadReza’s prodigious educational path towards excellence.