Mostafa from Iran - 5292 Banafsheh


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Mostafa is thirteen-year-old and a remarkable student in the 7th grade with excellent GPA from the city of Zahedan in Sistan Baluchistan province of Iran. His father passed away in sleep suddenly. The mother is the caretaker of the family. She, while suffering from depression, has little education and stays at home. She has no income. Mostafa has two minor sisters. They live in their fatherly grandfather’s house in a small room. The grandfather is very old and sick, and hardly can afford his expenses.  The only source of their income is the public welfare aid. They are not receiving any help from a charitable institution currently. They have applied for help from a charitable institution, and are still in the waiting list. They are deprived of cooler and heater.  Your support and generosity may change Mostafa’s life, and help him to make a better future for himself.