Najmeh from Iran - 5617 Yas


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Najmeh is an smart 5th grader living with her mother in the city of Bam in Kerman province. Her parents lost four of their children in the Bam earthquake. Najmeh was born long after the earthquake incident. Her father provided his family as a daily worker. They had a happy life until he was diagnosed with kidney disease. The family couldn’t provide for his medical expenses. Consequently, they had to sell their dwelling bellow the market price to keep up with the medical bills. Unfortunately the father passed away due to kidney failure. Najmeh and her mother currently reside at the late uncle’s place, which is inherited by his own family and children.  Najmeh’s family’s only income source is a local charity support and governmental pension. Najmeh’s mother works with housekeeping services and takes some seasonal farm works but her income is not insufficient for living and her child’s education expenses.