Narges from Iran - 626 Kermanshah Nastaran


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626 Kermanshah

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Narges is a sixteen-year-old girl from the city of Kermanshah, Kermanshah province of Iran. She is a smart and hard-working student currently studying in eleventh grade. Her parents have separated and she currently lives with her mother, grandmother and two brothers. Due to their financial situation, her brothers had to drop out of school to try and provide for the family. Her mother suffers from hearing loss and severe back pain and is not able to work. Her grandmother is also unable to work due to her old age and she has also had a stroke and needs to be taken care of by Narges and her mother. They live in a small old house with minimal equipment. They receive a small donation from a charity but this is not nearly enough to provide for their daily needs. They struggle every day to get by and Narges needs your help. Your generosity can help her stay in school and continue her education towards a better future.