Nazanin Needs Medical Help


Medical Help for Nazanin


Nazanin is an eleven-year-old girl from the city of Marvdasht, Fars province of Iran. Her monthly expenses are covered by a wonderful sponsor in the state of Washington, but her medical condition has worsened and she is in need of much more than her sponsor can give.

Nazanin has a sad story, her father worked by carrying goods with his old van when one of his creditor confiscated his cargo as part of his debt. When the goods were not delivered, the owner went to the police and now Nazanin’s father is serving a 2 1/2 year jail sentence!

Nazanin’s primary medical problem begins with her heart. She has a pacemaker to control her abnormal heart rhythms. Every six months she has to go through a full checkup and echo. Her weak heart has caused stunted growth and doctors have ordered a daily shot of a special medicine. Her mother has to pay what is equal to $460 for every 20 shots.

Even with Nazanin’s father in jail, her mother being illiterate and unable to find a job, and a weak heart that constantly needs attention, she has not given up. Dr. Raoofi, in his recent trip to Shiraz, visited Nazanin and said she is one of the best student in her class with a grade average of “Very Good” equal to an A+. But she is short on funds for her next nine months of medical expenses and needs about $5,700 to finish this phase of her treatment.

Please donate to our medical fund generously so we can cover the rest of her medical bills. Any amount is appreciated and will go toward her treatment.