Nima from Iran - 5640 Banafsheh


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Nima became disable since he was 8 years old due to Muscular dystrophy and he is not able to walk and he is using wheelchairs. Unfortunately, this is a genetic disease and his younger brother is also having Muscular dystrophy. Due to his sons’ disease, Nima’s father moved the family from his small town to Tabriz (a big city) and he has a labor job. Nima’s mother has spinal disc herniation but she has to take care of her two sick sons and has to move her sons’ body which is a problematic issue for her. They all live in a small apartment. The family is also in a serious debt of the mortgage. The family has a hard time to afford Nima’s and his brother’s health care costs, mortgage payments and other living expenses. Despite all these difficulties and disabilities, Nima is studying hard and he is very talented. Nima and his family need your generosity and support to be able to continue his education.