Omolbanin from Iran - 5748 Yas


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Om-Albaneen is a very smart and talented girl. Unfortunately her sixty-five-year-old father has severe diabetes that requires him to be hospitalized once a month. He also suffers from lung disease, for which he had a surgery and and an angiography a few years ago. Om-Albaneen is from her father’s second marriage. She has two sisters and four brothers who are all married. Her father has seven children from his first marriage who are also married and live on their own. Om-Albaneen’s old and ill father cannot afford the basic costs of their life, the cost of her education, or his medical bills. The family receives a small amount of aid from the government and from charity but it is not enough. They cannot even afford fixing or replacing broken essential appliances like the refrigerator. Considering the family’s financial situation Om-Albaneen needs help to complete her primary education.