Parisa from Iran - 5976 Yas


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Parisa is a talented student. She has two brothers and a sister. The older brother got his high school diploma and the younger brother is in 1st-grade primary school. Her sister is in 9th grade, high school student. Parisa’s father has kidney disease. He also had some liver tumors which was removed and now he needs to be under constant physician’s supervision. Parisa’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, which brought extra burden to the family. There was no other choice than Parisa’s mother to go under surgery but since the family couldn’t afford, one of their relatives helped. The result of the surgery showed the breast tumor was malignant; since they were not able to afford chemotherapy, doctors and physicians are helping them financially for chemotherapy. Parisa’s mom now is under chemotherapy. The family lives in a rental home with cement cover. From necessity appliances, the family has a very old oven and TV. Their only income is government subsidies and a wage from a charity, which is not enough to cover the medical expenses and the living costs. They are in deep need. Considering Parisa’s family condition, she needs support to be able to continue with her education.