Reza from Afghanistan - AF 210 Carnation


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AF 210

My Story:

Reza is a twelve-year-old boy from the city of Mazar-e Sharif, Balkh province of Afghanistan. He is a polite, smart, and talented young boy currently studying in fifth grade. He also loves to play soccer. Reza is the youngest of six children, three of whom are also students. Their father passed away eight years ago due to bladder cancer. He was bed ridden and hospitalized for two years before his death. Since his death, Reza’s mother has been working in a raisin factory to bring home a very small income. One of his brothers suffers from anxiety and must take medication. He has another brother who has recently developed an eye problem, but due to the family’s financial problems, he is unable to seek medical help. This family faces a lot of challenges and they are barely getting by each day. Reza is in desperate need of your help. He is only in the beginning of his educational journey and your generosity can help change his life forever.