Reza from Iran - 5254 Banafsheh


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Reza is a talented and hard worker nine years old. He likes to bike, but he doesn’t have a good one. His father is 62 years old and under cover of charity’s help. His father had an open heart surgery last year and he is taking medication for that. Also, his has high blood pressure which affected on his eyes. He is too old to do any work. His step mother has two kids other than Reza who one of them is not school-age. Reza’s father has five kids from his first wife. All of them are married and have their own life. They have living in a house with only two rooms which in rainy days ceiling is leaking. Also, their bathroom is not in a good condition it made from clay. Walls of the house is made from clay too. The yard is dirt and there is no entry door in the yard. They don’t have any rugs at home and their home furniture and appliances are very old and it is kind of obsolete but they don’t have any other option other than using them. According to their situation, they need help for Reza’s education.