Reza from Iran - 5678 Banafsheh


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Reza is a talented student and also a professional gymnast, he won some international awards for this sport. His father passed because of heart disease. His mother is the guardian of children. The whole family which includes mom, Reza and his little brother who is in preschool are living in a rental which is rented by their grandfather. The only funding that this family has is three thousand dollars which they used to have a deposit for their house. This money is in the bank now and they live off the small interest rate of this money. The grandfather is helping them with rent and some of the groceries. The other source of income for this family is government stipend which is very little and does not cover their expenses. The mom is not employed. She used to work as a salesperson and she tried to gain experience to start her own business but she could not afford it. She is trying to find a new job, even if it doesn’t pay much. She has two children who are both students and she needs financial support for them.