Roghieh from Iran - 5462 Yas


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Roghieh is a smart fifth grade student from Bam in province of Kerman. She is ten years old and lives with her parents, one sister and one brother. Her father has been dealing with epilepsy since many years ago, he also has become obtuse, therefore cannot even take care of himself inside the house let alone working and making a living. Roghieh’s mother has to look after her husband and be by his side as well as taking care of the children and their home. They live in a house where their maternal grandfather has given them the land and they have built the house by getting loan. Since Roghieh and her siblings are students, it is very hard for her parents to pay for their education expenses and provide them with their daily basic needs. Their only source of income is a nominal help from a charity organization along with government subsidies which is not enough to pay for their loan and their normal expenses. Roghieh’s father has to be examined by his doctor every month or every other month and since they live in a village that lacks a medical facility, they have to go to the city which causes even more expenditures because of the commute, a place for them to stay at, as well as medical expenses.  Roghieh and her family are asking for your kind support in order for her and her siblings to continue their education towards a better life.