Roghieh from Iran - 5518 Yas


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Roghieh is talented 13 years old. She is not talking so much and living in a middle class family. Her dad used to work in a mechanic shop but he was addicted and smoker too. So, his lungs got sick and he couldn’t breathe easily. Finally, he passed away this year. She was so dependent to his dad that’s why she is so upset of losing him early. Her mom is a good patient woman. Her mother always had lots of problem in her life, even they didn’t have any house for so many years. Their house doesn’t have any fence and its walls are concrete. She has a certificate in carpet-weaving and because of that she got insurance for her family. The only income is from charity and government’s help which is not enough for kid’s education. Roghieh’s sister is student and her brother is in army. He is going to finish soon and will look for job. Please help them to go school and can have education, they need your support.