Sajjad from Iran - 5598 Banafsheh


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Sajjad is a smart 8 years old boy from Zabol. He has two brothers and his parents got divorced due to the father’s severe addiction, and the mother is taking care of the three children. Until recently, the mother was taking care of an elderly and the family was living with her in a rented very old house. So the mother could earn some money. Recently, the situation of the old woman became worst and her children decided to take care of her themselves.  So, Sajjad ‘s mother lost her job. Also, they evacuated the house and rented another one.  Now, the family’s only financial resources are government subsidy and a charity institute’s monthly payment. They are deprived of essential living necessities such as vacuum cleaner and cooler, the stove is also worn. Due to the family situation, Sajjad needs your support to continue his education.