Sakina from Afghanistan - AF 214 Rose


Document Number:

AF 214

My Story:

Sakina is a nine-year-old girl from the city of Mazar-e Sharif, Balkh province of Iran. She is very sweet and kind. She is also very smart and currently studies in second grade. She loves to study and learn. Her father died in an accident six years ago. She has a fifteen-year-old brother who has had to quit school to work and try to provide for his family. She has another brother who is developmentally disabled and needs around the clock care. Their mother takes care of the children all on her own and they barely make it every day. They live in a small house with very little equipment outside of the city. Their area doesn’t even have a good plumping system so they don’t always have good water to drink and they don’t have electricity. Given the hardship they face and the situation they live in, Sakina worries every day that she may have to quit school like her brother in order to provide for her family. Your generosity can save her from having to make this choice. You can give her the future she deserves.