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Sakina is a 9-year-old in 2nd grad from Mazar-e-Sherif, Afghanistan. She is a calm and intelligent student with a high GPA. Like any normal kid, Sakina wants to travel and go out, and enjoy life with her family, but she is unfortunately restricted due to financial issues. Sakina is part of a large family (8 members) and she has lost her father 4 years ago due to leukemia. The illness period took 2 years, and while still alive and healthy he was working as a blacksmith. The mother of the family works in a cucumber farm to cover for the expenses and financial needs. Sakina’s oldest sister suffers from kidney issues, lung problems and lots of pain which constantly requires care and medication. Her other sister was diagnosed with asthma since birth, however the issue has not been properly diagnosed and treated. Beside Sakina, 5 other members of the family are still studying at school and require financial assistance. The mother of the family is mostly unemployed and takes care of the kid and the household on daily bases. Sakina’s youngest sibling, has been suffering from a rare skin disorder which hasn’t been diagnosed yet. This family lives in a small town allocated to derelict and orphaned families and are deprived from basic resources such as electricity. Their life expenses are covered by periodical charitable organizations assistance which are unsatisfactory. This beautiful angle seeks your support and assistance to reach her dreams and succeed in her educational endeavours.