Saman from Iran - 5245 Banafsheh


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Saman is twelve-year-old and a talented student in the 4th grade of primary school with excellent GPA from the city of Darab, Fars province of Iran. His mother got divorced from her first husband because of conflicts. Unfortunately, she burnt 60% in a fire incident. Saman was her child from second marriage. His father, a labor worker at the time, left the home one day and did not come back. Then, his mother started working as a housekeeper to provide some of the family needs. Unfortunately, she also passed away because of a respiratory disease and heart attack. Saman lives with his elderly grandmother. He could not finish his school because of the family problem. The only source of family income is the small fund from a charitable institution that is insufficient. Your generosity and support may help Saman to make a bright future for himself.