Seyyed Yahya from Iran - 5326 Banafsheh


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Yahya is a talented 14-year- student in the 8th grade with excellent GPA from the Ahvaz city of Khozestan province of Iran. He is interested in cultural and athletic activities and he is also member of volleyball club. His younger brother is student as well.  His parents separated 8 years ago due to his father request for separation. His mother devoted her alimony because of taking her kids custody from his father. After separation, she was diagnosed to hepatitis B and also had two times strokes that one of them hit her vision which needs a special and long term treatment with unbearable expenses. They live in a room that mosque gave them since they cannot afford to pay rent. The family income source is just small fund from charity that is hard to afford the kids ‘education expenses. Whatever, without your support he cannot continue his education and may quit school. Your support and generosity give his chance to continue his education and may change his life toward the bright future.