Seyyedeh Reyhaneh from Iran - 5975 Yas


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Seyedeh Reyhane is a talented student and has a younger brother who is not old enough to attend school. Her father was arrested for drug trafficking and has been sentenced to 10 years in jail and over $8000 in fines which the family cannot afford. Before being incarcerated her father was a driver. With her father being in jail, Reyhan's mother, who is currently unemployed, took custody of her 2 children. Their sources of income, government subsidies and donations of charity foundations, not being enough has put them under tremendous pressure for even putting food on the table. Reyhane, her brother, and her mother are living in a home belonging to her grandfather in a village. In order to pay the loan, Reyhane’s mother sold all of their home appliances and furniture. Due to the financial problems of her family, Reyhane is in need of help to attend school.