Shabana from Afghanistan - 298 Rose


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Shabana is an eight years old talented girl whose life is affected by her father’s addiction. Her father left the family 8 years ago. As a result, Shabana couldn't obtain an ID, and thus she couldn’t attend school on time. So, now she is a year behind in school studying in grade 1. Her mother is disappointed with this situation. Recently, because of Shabana’s exceptional talent, her school has offered supporting the girl to both obtain her ID and skip a grade.

Shabana’s brother is a talented student in school as well and he loves studying. In the absence of their mother, he helps Shabana in household chores.

The mother has to work as a servant in other people’s houses to earn a minimum wage. However, this job is not a permanent one.

They live in their grandfather’s (the father of their mother) basement. Their rug is an old one and the walls are made of brick which cause a lot of dust in the house. Nevertheless, the mother is satisfied with the fact that they have a place to live and they don’t need to pay for its rental fees. The two families use a shared washroom and bath which are not in a good condition.

Shabana’s mother and the 2 kids hope to live independently in the future. Shabana is a grade behind at school due to their poverty. She needs your kind support to go to school and to study hard to reach her academic grade. With your kind contributions she is looking forward for a bright future.