Shayan from Iran - 5690 Banafsheh


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Shayan is a smart student. His parents divorced due to his father’s drug addiction. His mother has a daughter, Shaghayegh, from her first marriage. Unfortunately, her first husband had been a drug addict as well. Shayan is her only child from the second marriage. Shayan’s mother has the full custody of both kids. Although Shayan’s mother suffers from severe migraine headaches, she works as a driver to provide for her family. She has taken a loan in order to purchase a car to drive students to and from school. His mother’s salary along with some financial assistance from the government is the only source of income for the family. A charity used to provide them with some financial aid, however, the family lost their eligibility since they took a loan. Currently, they live in their own house. Shayan’s mother had inherited a vacant lot; they took a mortgage loan offered to the village residents and, with the help of a charity, they built the house. Currently, the entire family has Salamat health insurance. With regard to the financial status of Shayan’s family, he needs assistance in order to continue his education.