sheyda from Iran - 5878 Yas


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Shayda is an intelligent student who also loves going to English language classes. Moreover, she participates in courses on drama and the Shahnameh which are held in their neighbourhood free of charge. Her father suffers from liver cirrhosis and is on a liver transplant waiting list, having become an invalid as a result. Mainly because he held non-governmental jobs before his illness, he lacks any insurance coverage, and, owing to the concomitant costs, even now he is unable to fully pursue treatment. Shayda has two other siblings, a sister who is now preparing herself to take the college entrance exam and a first-grader brother. Their mother is busy taking care of the children and cannot take on a full-time job although she does odd service jobs here and there. All this has driven the father of the family to the brink of depression. They live in a house rented to them by a relative. However, given their inability to pay the monthly rate of 300,000 tomans, the landlord is taking his rent off their deposit (which was originally three million tomans). Obviously, once that limited deposit runs out, they won't have a place to live in unless something changes. They are currently covered by a charity which only boosts their meagre income from governmental subsidy exchange by only so much. Thankfully, they have the Salāmat Insurance. But Shayda really needs sponsorship in order to be able to continue going back to school without having to worry about it all the time.