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Sneha is a thirteen-year-old girl from the town of Itahara, Morang district of Nepal. She is a hard working student currently studying in seventh grade. Sneha’s parents had a good marriage when they were married, but unfortunately her mother got sick and had to have a surgery on her uterus. Due to her illness and her surgery she was told and she would never have another child. This news was hard for the family at the time, but tragedy hit them when Sneha’s father left her mother because of this and married another woman. Snaha and her mother were left in the city to care for themselves and faced many struggles for many years. Sneha’s mother took care of her as best as she could. They have come a long way, and Sneha has learned a lot from her mother’s resilience, but she is still in need of you help. Your generosity will help this young girl stay in school and have a better future.