Tahereh from Iran - 6013 Yas


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Tahereh is a talented and bright girl who tries very hard to earn good grades and do well in school to make her mother happy. She is very close and dependent on her mother; she lives with her mother and her sister Zohreh. Zohreh will be sitting for the konkoor exam soon and needs to register for preparatory courses, but her family can’t afford to pay for the classes. Their father was a laborer who passed away as a result of a heart disease, leaving Tahereh and Zohreh’s mother to bear the full responsibility of the family. Their family home is small and old, with only one room; the shower and bathroom are inadequate and the household supplies are limited. The family’s sole income is from government welfare and a small charity organization, which gives them the bare minimum of resources needed to survive. Considering the family’s situation, Tahereh needs assistance and support in order to continue her education.