Tourinaz from Iran - 5986 Yas


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Tourinaz is a talented and healthy 11-year student with a very good GPA in 6th grade from Nikshahr city of Sistan va Baloochestan province of Iran. Tourinaz’s father has passed away because of a heart attack. Her father was a worker and since his death, they lost the only source of income for the family. Her mother is a housewife without any income. The only source of family income is the small fund from a charitable organization and public welfare aid. Mom has 5 children that 4 of them are students and she does not have any income to support the cost of their education. They live in a poor condition in a small house inherited from the father. They have no carpet, TV, or air-conditioner. The main problem of the family is affording the education expenses of the children.  Your generosity will help Tourinaz continue her education.