Yekta from Iran - 5822 Yas


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Yekta is a very smart student. Her father is disabled, having lost his two legs to diabetes. Her mother, after years of physical labor, has got a herniated disc and is not fit to work, although she sometimes works in people’s houses or on a farm. Yekta’s brother, an intelligent boy, committed suicide due to poverty. Her other brother has severe mental illness, and his institutionalization has put the family in deep dept. Yekta’s older sister finished her studies in Law with hardship, but is unemployed now and engaged to a relative. Her other brother has quit school and is a part-time construction worker. Their house has no gas or hot water. The family tried getting many house loans, but because of their debt, had to rent them to pay off the loans. Given Yekta’s family situation, she needs support to continue her education.