Yekta from Iran - 5950 Yas


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Yekta is a thirteen-year-old girl from the city of Shahr-e-kord, Charmahal Bakhtiari province of Iran. She is a smart and talented young girl currently studying in seventh grade. Her parents have divorced and Yekta and he sister now live with their mother and grandmother. Her mother is a housewife that does cleaning outside the house and some carpet weaving to bring home a small income. Unfortunately this is not nearly enough to provide for the family’s daily needs and they struggle to get by everyday. They stay in as mall room in Yekta’s grandmother’s house since they cannot afford to pay rent. Yekta’s grandmother herself is barely getting by and is not able to help her family. Yekta is in desperate need of your help. Your generosity will help her continue her education and work towards a better and brighter future.