Zahra from Iran - 5762 Yas


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Zahra is a 13-year old 6th grader with high GPA in an elementary school in Zabol, Baluchestan province, Iran.  She is an outstanding girl with great potential. Her parents are separated due to her father's remarriage; her mother is now the head of the household and taking care of her children. The mother has a history of heart and neurological conditions and she has fortunately been able to recover by taking medications for her conditions. Zahra has an older sister that is mentally impaired. They live in their own house that the mother has built from a mortgage that they had borrowed to build the house. The monthly mortgage is deducted from proceeds received from an assisted funding by a charity organization. The rooms' walls in the house are an uncovered cement. They don't have basic living needs like carpets and natural gas. They cook in a somewhat picnic style that is dangerous to the family's wellbeing. Because of the child's mental condition, the mother has a dire need for a washing machine. Despite all of the family’s living challenges, Zahra continues with her education and is in need of financial help.