Zahra from Iran - 5729 Yas


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Zahra is a very talented student with high scores. Her father was farmer and supplied the cost of living of the family. Unfortunately, her father suffers from leukemia now; and he is unable to work. He is in the process of treatment. He has two wives and three children from the first wife and two from the second. Zahra belongs to the first wife. She has one brother and one sister who are studying. Two children of the second wife are studying too. Family has problem in providing the cost of the living because of the father’s illness. Their only income comes from charity organizations and subsidies that is not enough for cost of the living. Zahra‘s mother sometimes works on farms as a daily worker. The family is living in a rental house. Zahra is a clever student who has difficulty affording her tuition fees. She needs your help and support for continuing her education