Zahra from Iran - 5873 Yas


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Zahra is a promising student. His father, before becoming an invalid, was a day labourer. Once his leg broke and, as a result of not taking proper care, it healed in the wrong position. Now he not only has chronic pain, but the mis-aligned bone makes walking too difficult and painful for him. Additionally, he is blind in the left eye. Given all his physical and financial problems, he is now dealing with depression and suffers from periodic headaches. Zahra has an elder sister in the fourth grade, who is also a talented student. Their mother, working from home as a knitter, takes care of them as well as her husband. They have recently been approved to be covered by a charity, but they are not receiving allowance yet, relying on the mother's limited income from knitting and governmental subsidy exchange in the meantime. When they are under severe financial burden as is often the case, even the invalid father has to go out and accept work as a day labourer. That is why they face so much pressure in order to send their children to school, and Zahra needs sponsorship to be able to stay there.