Zaki from Afghanistan - 232 Carnation


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Zaki is a smart 8 years old boy studying at the first grade. He loves playing football and field games. He’s the youngest child of a 9 member family. Zaki lost his father 2 years ago because of a brain stroke. His father used to work on an old tricycle as a delivery to make a living for the family. However, after his sickness the family had to sell the tricycle and their house to send him to Pakistan for treatment. Unfortunately he could not make it to the hospital and passed away on the way. After the loss of their father, this family could not make enough income to provide their basic needs and school expenses. The oldest sister is a tailor and tries to provide money for the family by sewing basic clothes with a low wage. Zaki and his 6 others siblings are students, with the oldest one being a college student; all in need money to be able to continue their education. One his sisters is studying for the National Universities Entrance Exam (Konkour), while she has a painful kidney disease.This family lives in an area provided for orphan children that lacks electricity and they have to buy water for their daily use in an expensive price.Zaki need your generosity and support to be able to fulfil his dream of continuing his education and becoming a productive member of the society.