Faryab Refugees in Mazar-e-Sharif


Since February 2017, about 200 families, who fled their homes after Taliban captured them, have moved to Mazar-e-Sharif, in an area just north of Nassaji neighborhood and within Shadian Prairie, and unfortunately do not have access to the basic services.

They have contacted government agencies and non-governmental organizations without any tangible success. The Ministry of Education has distributed some books but have not followed up. The Ministry of Health has also come to vaccinate the kids just after several kids died due to Measles outbreak. The head of Refugees Department also has come once to bring water containers and several tents that was not enough for all. The City has promised them about two months ago to dig a well for their water supply without any further action. 

Among these people, there are 240 kids at school age and 80 younger kids, out of whom 25 are hospitalized due to the outbreak and three has died so far. The families use woodchips and trash for fuel. There is no bathroom and water supply is too far away. Either the tents are fully worn out or there is no tent at all and people have made sunshades using clothes. Since these families have been forced to leave their houses, they don’t have the necessary personal belongings and clothes and most of them live on bread and tea.

The place is far from the city and the lands have been donated to these families by a benevolent person. The area, however, is unsafe for the families and dangerous animals are around, so some have built barriers around their tents. 

The Child Foundation social workers believe that the urgent need is bathroom and clothes, particularly kids clothes. The next priorities are food, fuel and personal hygiene.

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