Masoumeh Needs Your Support

Masoumeh Needs Your Support

Masoumeh is a 21 year old girl who was in a terrible accident a few years ago which left most of her body burned. Her father suffers from neck arthritis and can barely work as a building security guard. Her mother also suffers from backaches and cannot work.

Despite all difficulties, Masoumeh was able to get a degree in child development. She would like to continue her study but her family cannot afford to support her educational goals.

Masoumeh also needs financial assistance for additional surgeries and hair transplants.

To help Masoumeh, please donate generously by selecting MEDICAL ASSISTANCE, then in the comments please let know us your support is for Masoumeh.


Please note in the event that CF collect donation exceed of what Masoumeh needs, additional funds will be used to cover medical costs of other children with medical needs.