Success Stories


To observe the privacy of the children, photo and last name have been omitted.

The following is a heartwarming letter from a sixteen year old child to his sponsor. This child is vision impaired, and now he has a hopeful outlook on life. As you will read, your support makes an incredible difference in a child's life! Following this story is a note written by his sponsor to Child Foundation.

a heartwarming letter from a sixteen year old child to his sponsor.Note from his sponsor:

"Just a few weeks ago I received a letter, and as always I set it on the side of my desk at work so that I can hopefully read it during one of my breaks! Well, that break did not come until about a week and a half later, and to be exact, it happened to be at 4:30 after a hectic day at work!!! I finally sat down with a sigh of relief, grabbed my envelope opener, and pulled out the letter that was enclosed. I noticed that there were no official cover letters, and all I saw was merely a hand-written letter, which was composed in two pages, and signed by my supported child! I started reading the letter, and about half way through, tears were streaming from my eyes, and simultaneously I experienced a feeling that is quite hard to explain! The best way I can describe those brief few minutes is an out of body experience where I felt at "ONE" with the entire world!!! It was a feeling of "UNITY" with everything and everyone around me! ... This letter was so moving that I frantically looked for the foundation's phone number in my drawer, and JUST WANTED TO CALL SOMEONE AND FIND OUT IF THIS LETTER IS REALLY FROM MY SPONSORED CHILD, AND NOT A WELL-WRITTEN MASS MAILER!!! I was sounding so baffled on the phone, that the gentleman on the other side almost had to calm me down in order for my request to make any sense! I kept on asking ... Did "He" write this letter??? .... But he is too young??? ... Did somebody help him, or write this letter for him??? ... The gentleman on the phone was quite shocked at how a simple letter could make me pick up the phone, and repeatedly ask these questions!!! ... I almost want to bet that this had not happened to him in the past, and if so very rarely!!! Ultimately, he said: You have raised my curiosity so much that I am going to make this a first priority ... Now, "I" want to know what is going on here!!! What was so moving about this letter is that it was unusually IN-TUNE with my current personal life, and therefore, it was SO important whether he wrote this letter himself, or if it was someone else! Because if it was him, then him and I would be miraculously "Connected" even though we have NEVER seen each other, and quite frankly we have No Idea where exactly each of us reside! ... As I drove home that afternoon pondering on this, I realized that it really DID NOT MATTER whether he wrote this himself, or whether an adult assistant wrote this letter for him ... It dawned on me that in either case, it is STUNNING that a letter SO IN-TUNE with beliefs and state in life would appear in my mail!!! Believe it or not, and having come down to this conclusion in my mind, the more "Meaningful" option turned out to be true!!! ... I received a call from the Child Foundation representative the next day informing me that it was in fact my sponsored child who composed the content of that letter, but due to the fact that he is partially blind, an assistant had neatly written his letter for me so that it is more legible!!!!  I am a heavily-practiced spiritual person, and along this path, I have been improving and evolving one day at a time! One of my most recent fascinations in life is the idea of "Oneness", and how everything is "Connected" even though it does not appear to be so! I have come to realize that anything and everything has been driven from the divine intelligence, so if this lineage started at some point in the past then, in some way or form (even though minute) we ARE INDEED connected!

Sincerely, B.G."

Letter from the Sponsored Child:

"Dear Kind Sponsor,

I hope that you are supported, blessed, and protected by God where ever you are in this world, and that you have a positive outlook towards the future! Recently, I read in a book that the human brain acts exactly in accordance to the energies we radiate! The universe absorbs these specific wave lengths, and then returns it back to us in the exact same format!! Have you ever questioned or pondered on why the rich people tend to get richer, and the poor tend to get poorer??? ... The above phenomenon is exactly what is at work here! ... The rich tend to get richer because they are constantly focused on prosperity, therefore, that is the energy they are spreading to the universe, and based on our law the universe offers back to them exactly the energy they were dwelling on in the form of "Thought"! Following the same logic, the poor constantly dwell on scarcity, and that is exactly what they invite back to their lives! Now, can you imagine what would happen if someone constantly had "kindness" as their sincere desire or intention??? ... Certainly the universe would capture such wavelengths, and it would respond back with various miracles in that person's life such as an enjoyable career, comfortable financial situation, an ideal spouse, etc. ... Maybe this is why the different religious and spiritual organizations around the globe encourage us to practice compassion, kindness, and to have good deeds towards everything and everyone around us! Because I am benefiting from your generosity, I see you as a kind and compassionate person. I mentioned these things to you so that you realize and are made certain, that you do not JUST make one small heart happy in this world, but in fact you are making the world a happier place to live with your kind-mindedness!!! In that same book I read that if we desire something from the BOTTOM of our hearts, the LAW OF ATTRACTION will capture this intention, and sooner or later we WILL attain that goal!!! This is the formula and the "Secret" used by well-known figures in our history such as Einstein, Thomas Edison, and the like! I feel and believe that you too have realized this phenomenon, and that you are using this LAW in your day to day life! I get sincere pleasure from interacting with you, not just because you support me during difficult times in my life, but because I feel that you are a Kind-minded individual, and knowing this makes me very happy! This is why I wanted to communicate my feelings towards you via this letter! I would LOVE TO receive a correspondence from you ... I am sure you would agree that it must feel strange to write a letter to someone, not knowing which part of this globe he or she lives in!!!! I am eager to find out what your thoughts and feelings are towards me, and hearing back from you would TRULY make my day! I appreciate you taking the time to read my letter, and of course, the fact that you support me with your generosity! I am genuinely thankful from he bottom of my heart!!! ...

Love, A.S."

Soheila was only five years old when she lost her father. Unfortunately, her mother was not able to support her children and Soheila was removed from her care and placed in an orphanage. Six years later she was dismissed from the orphanage because her brother was old enough to take care of her.  

Unfortunately, her brother was addicted to heroin and could not give her the care, attention or protection that she needed. She spent many nights alone on the streets while she waited for her brother and his friends to fall asleep. Once they were asleep, she knew it was safe for her to return home.   

It was around this time that Child Foundation social workers became aware of Soheila's situation. She was immediately brought under Child Foundation's care and placed in the care of her older sister. Although almost homeless, Soheila was still an outstanding student and able to maintain a very high grade point average in school.

We are proud to announce that Soheila graduated from college with a chemistry degree and married one of her classmates at the university. Soheila's quest to become successful is very admirable.

Soheila could not have achieved this success alone. It was the kindness and generosity of her sponsors that helped her succeed.  Many thanks to all her sponsors and donors who made Sohelia's life a story of success and triumph.   

Madjid lost his father ten years ago. Unfortunately, the money that his mother made cleaning houses was not enough to support Majid and his twin brother. Before meeting Child Foundation social workers, Madjid worked in a shop to help support his family. 

In a letter to his sponsor in the United States, Madjid wrote: "Life is about being kind to each other and helping one another. My motivation to go forward in the midst of my difficult days is in the hope of seeing better days in the future and becoming useful in my community."

Madjid's llife has drastically improved thanks to the generous support of his sponsors. 

Kobra is 16 years of age and lives with her 60-year-old mother and five sisters and brothers. When a Child Foundation social worker met with Kobra for the first time, it was very obvious that Kobra was depressed. She was pale, withdrawn and had no motivation for life. The social worker submitted Kobra's case immediately, believing that she needed support and encouragement to help her regain some motivation and find peace in her life. 

Kobra is an excellent student who has a passion for writing stories. 

After being under Child Foundation's care for many years, Kobra's academic and personal life flourished.  We are proud to announce that in September 2000, Kobra was admitted to a university. Her success was made possible by the generosity of her sponsors and donors.